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IT Maintenance

“Simplify complicated things.”
You gain more reliable system and longer life of your IT equipment. All your IT equipment will be worthy of your investment. More than that, Unicon is always ready to offer solutions to urgent matters anytime through our Call Center system.

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Network Solutions

“Preventive maintenance is better than troubleshooting.”
We provide services for IT system maintenance, Network diagram, and IT asset list, including IT, consulting, and troubleshooting through our Call Center system. In addition, our services include remote assistance, Onsite service to support all your IT problems, and computer system maintenance. You can trust our services with an On-site report.

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IT Helpdesk

“Everything about IT.”
No need to worry about IT issues. We provide customer service with your computer and IT equipment and create an IT asset list. We offer On-site and remote consulting and IT solutions through our Call Center.

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IT Outsource

“Distance is not a problem” Unicon is always ready to serve whenever IT problems occur.

With our IT Helpdesk Support ready to accommodate all your problems. We have a professional team to provide you with consulting services and computer troubleshooting problems via phone and remote assistance.

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Keep up with everything that happens in the world


Cloud solutions are the on-demand availability of building computer systems, updates, and data storage, without users direct active management. Similar to Gmail service from Google, Gmail is a cloud solution tool in G-Suite that provide and Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Google Site and other cloud services.

Advantages of Cloud Solutions

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