We provide FIREWALL installation service to improve the level of corporate security.

“It is to do things right from the beginning than to deal with problems later.”

What is FIREWALL? It is software or hardware in Networking. It is a network security system that monitors and controls the incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules. Any errors can lead to vulnerability and hacking in network Administration.

Choosing FIREWALL equipment has a support team to help and assist you when unexpected problems occur after purchasing, installing, and running the Network Security equipment.
It is necessary to have support from expert for troubleshooting after installation.

What is the function of the FIREWALL?

If the computer is the “Home” the “Firewall” serves as the wall with incoming and outgoing data from other networks.

Firewall can prevent those data and provide safety by checking various connections based on predetermined security rules, Keep filtering information from Source > Destination > (Service/Port), checking the information and putting it in quarantine that information before reaching your home.

Fortigate firewall

Improve organization security performance with FORTINET (NASDAQ: FTNT)

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Products and services protect your network from harmful threats with high-performance integrated protection.

Make every IT security easier – FortiGate uses a security processor built with the objective and threat security services from AI-powered Fortiguard Lab. As a result, the next-generation Firewall can reduce your business cost but still offers complete protection and the best security available. professional team provides Firewall installation service.

  • Installation of the Firewall system
  • Monthly / Yearly Firewall administration services
  • Firewall inspection and maintenance service before and after installation
  • Corrective services, assigning permissions, accessing information according to the needs of the organization